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Frequently Asked Questions
Several modules are available for free. We also offer free upgrades for eligible institutions. And we also offer discounted upgrades with a vendor account.

If you already have a functioning Moodle LMS installation, you'll be up and running in minutes.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is an administrative tool, to manage your courses, students, teachers and their permissions. It's focused on your managers and IT staff.

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is the overlay that adds all the tools that make learning accessible to all. It's focused on your Students and Teachers.

Some of the tools available in Leeloo LXP: Games, Academic Social Network, Community, Academic Messenger, Student Relationship Management (SRM), Smart Dashboards, Learning Projects, Real-time tracking, Remote assessments with anti-cheat, Video-conferences, Payments and accounting, Actionable Learning Analytics, among others

Leeloo LXP is your technological and pedagogical platform for all learning models: on-site, hybrid, blended, distance, remote, nomad and beyond.

You can start for free and keep using all the free forever features.

If you want to implement Leeloo LXP advanced features, you can first check if your institution is eligible for a free upgrade.

If you sell courses and/or subscriptions, you can apply for a vendor account and get a discount, ranging from 50% to 99%.

Otherwise, you can simply upgrade your bundle via regular licenses.